Our Philosophy

Pachamama is dedicated to incorporating nature and enhancing creativity in an early education and childcare setting. We strive to improve our industry through showcasing possibilities of excellence, and inspiring other service providers and educators to reflect on their environment and practices to determine ways of enhancing their service delivery. Pachamama aims to influence the best possible outcomes for all children involved in early education and childcare.

Creative natural environments and rich diversity are the foundations of Pachamama’s essence, which support our children’s learning and development. We strive to create a place of love and laughter, in a positive and relaxed setting where every child is understood and appreciated.

We value play pedagogy and a child-centred approach to education. The individuality of each child’s expressions of need and learning are acknowledged and supported. We practice a holistic approach to children’s development.

Our educational leadership is focused on each child and our experienced understanding of the developmental process. Because we believe parents are the most suitable primary educators of their own children, our partnership approach involves prioritising regular communications with each family.

Pachamama values positive relationships: between Educators and children, employees and families, each employee … and our special animals. We acknowledge the Beeloo tribe as the first traditional custodians of the Kalamunda land on which we teach, which means “a home in the forest” (in Noongar language the meaning of kala is “home” and “munda” is “forest”). We recognise their continuing connection to land, water and community. We pay respects to elders past, present and emerging. Effective processes are in place to promote all of these most important connections.

Flower Scuplture

We are dedicated to ensuring we offer quality and developmentally appropriate resources, and a comfortable home-like atmosphere. We create thoughtful and imaginative environments steeped in nature where children feel a sense of belonging and are nurtured to learn and grow. We document children’s development and learning processes because we believe it contributes towards the children’s sense of belonging and each family’s understanding of their child’s development. It also provides our educators with an opportunity to reflect and further plan, resulting in a more meaningful educational process.

Pachamama understands the significance of being caring, calm, friendly and empowering professionals to act as positive role models for young children, and each other. We support Early Childhood Australia’s Code of Ethics and acknowledge that our continuous self-improvement and professional development is of paramount importance. We build relationships and engage with our local and professional community. Effective partnerships support children’s access, inclusion and participation in our learning program.

The principles and practices of continuous reflection, consultation, improvement and excellence are deeply embedded within the Pachamama culture. Our Quality Improvement Plan considers all areas of the service and reflects valuable contributions received from all members of the Pachamama community.

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