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Pachamama Early Education & Childcare and Activity Centre

Pachamama Early Education and Childcare offers parents and children quality care in the beautiful Perth Hills

Why choose Pachamama?

At Pachamama, we support play-based activities and a child-centred approach

Long Day Care

Pachamama Early Education and Childcare
for Pre-school Children 0-5 years old

Out of School Hours Care

Pachamama Activity Centre
for school aged children 5-12 years old

Welcome to Pachamama

Pachamama welcomes you and your family to our two early education and childcare services. Located in the beautiful Perth Hills, our unique learning environments focus on nature, creativity and sustainability. At Pachamama, diversity is more than a matter of compliance – it is a way of life. Our team of highly experienced Educators are almost as diverse as the United Nations! We incorporate cross-cultural learning experiences into our learning experiences every day.

Our fundamental aim is to be a home-away-from-home – a place for children to learn life skills and form trusting relationships. A place for them to connect with nature, each other and themselves. A place for them to grow and expand their horizons and interests.

‘Pachamama’ is a goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes. In Inca mythology, ‘Pachamama’ is a fertility goddess, a creative power to sustain life on this earth. ‘Pachamama’ is perceived as being benevolent and giving – of being nature herself. The figure of the ‘Virgin Mary’ became united with that of ‘Pachamama’ for many of the indigenous people following the regions conquest by Spain which forced conversion to Roman Catholicism.

‘Pachamama’ is usually translated as Mother Earth, although a more literal translation is ‘World Mother.’ Since there is no equal diction in modern Spanish or English, it was translated by the first Spaniard Colonists as mama (mother) and pacha (world or land) and later widened in a modern meaning as the cosmos or the universe.

‘Pachamama’ is used in a manner synonymous with the warmth and love shared between a mother and a child. It is this viewpoint for which aim to achieve in our daily interactions with our Pachamama children. We encourage all families to visit our centre regularly – to experience our relaxing atmosphere, and to meet and engage with our Educators. We aim to support you, and work with you, in your most important challenge of raising your children.

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Some kind words about us...

The natural setting and vibrant earthly colours brings a grounding feel when you walk through the doors. Combined with friendly staff and plenty of adventure filled days in the sun for the kids makes it a standout childcare centre.
Jared Ismail
TinyBeez Education & Care is so thankful for having Rocky's support in our new journey of curriculum documentation. It is refreshing to have a service that is so willing to network in such a positive manner. We are looking forward to continue networking in the new year!
Lara Skinner
Having grown up with every Friday spent in the Norwegian forests, I can testify to the importance of being outside and exploring nature from an early age. Pachamama inspires the very same learning by doing and is building children's confidence through encouraging them to try new things in a trusting and loving environment.
Nynne Toft Rasmussen
Absolutely fantastic centre, the staff are so caring and thoughtful, the centre is so diverse and encourages the children to play in nature. Our children are thriving at Pachamama and are excited to go there.
Vanessa Walker
Pachamama provide an outstanding service on every level. They have cared for and educated all three of our children. They have a beautiful philosophy, which centers around the importance of nature and the environment in early childhood development. I can’t speak highly enough of the Centre, staff and environment. Our children are truly nurtured and cared for.
Jane Falconbridge
5 stars! Fabulous natural setting, amazing staff that genuinely care for my children. It is obvious that all staff love their job and have a passion for children and their development. Can not recommend them enough. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful childcare facility
Larissa Schumann
All of the staff ( administrative and educational ) at Pachamama are exceptional. Everyone we have had contact with have been super friendly and more than helpful in getting our youngest settled into the Pachamama program. We wouldn't send our youngest anywhere else - the early childhood educators are fantastic, and the facilities are so beautiful and creative. You can see that so much care and thought has been put into creating the Pachamama experience. Our daughter loves it, and so do we!
Chris Van Der Veen
The Pachama caring families has supported my colleague David Lulunken in his University Education and living expenses while in Nairobi. This has helped him impact on the lives of a number of people especially those around himGod abundantly Bless you for your kindness.
Lucier Mutuer
I would like to thank Pachamama for the kindness and willingness to support my brother David Lulunken in his Education in the University. The Pachamama family will go very far and into big greatness.Much thankful!
Silantoi Jonathan
I would just like to take this precious moment to thank Pachamama family for providing new curriculum books to olasiti primary school in Amboseli-Kenya and supporting my childhood friend David Lulunken in his University Education. God bless Pachamama.
Kasaine Simon
My greatest appreciations to pachamama Early Education Center for not only providing education for the young but also for being Alasiti Masai community school sister school and and for all the support we got. Bless you Pachamama.Head Teacher Joseph,Alasiti school.
Saitoti Joseph
I'd just like to take a moment to thank Pachamama for providing such wonderful care particularly for my niece and nephew. It's not a case of 'drop your kids off to be babysat'. Rather, their care involves the complete wellbeing of each child. My niece and nephew's development has come along in leaps and bounds due to the genuine care, education and awareness of this centre. Thank you! �
Anita Knights
Excelente el trabajo pedagógico desde estos escenarios, el disfrute, amor, color, todo hace que desde lo visual como espectador te sientas, vivas esos momentos con la naturaleza muy gratificantes y puedas decir que hay otros espacios para el aprendizaje que pasan a ser muy significativos para los niños y para los adultos también.
Nellys Gil
Each time I visit I am more enthusiastic about the quality of education for young children ! I have seen the enthusiasm and energy of the children as they explore the nature based curriculum and the beautiful environment provided by Pachamoma with positive support from staff. What a great place to grow and develop!! Looking forward to my next opportunity to visit.
Mary E. McNeil
I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Pachamama four times in the last five years! I have been amazed at the improvements added under new ownership, particularly the natural environment that the children enjoy and learn from. They seem to be so comfortable and happy there! Also, the staff and facilities that have been added to accommodate the growth! They are first class!
Richard N Mostrom
One of the most beautiful child care centres I have seen, with visually stimulating hand made creations in and around the centre for both children & adults to enjoy, lovely shaded trees & warm, friendly staff.
Monika Saringer
I have the pleasure of running the kindy program with an amazing team at this wonderful centre. Pachamama is an amazing nature based early learning centre that is soley designed and based around childrens needs in their early years of development. In 14 years experience in early childhood education I have seen alot of changes and ideas come into play around the needs of early childhood education. I can honestly say Pachamama has hit the nail on the head and provides high quality rich education and care in all aspects. I am proud to be apart of such a wonderful team and I am looking forward to educating the young amazing minds that come through my door.
Katie Rutherford
My grandchildren both attend Pachamama, it’s a wonderful, homely safe environment, any parent dropping off their child can head off to work feeling they have chosen the perfect place for their child/children to spend their day. My granddaughter has to be teased away from after school care because she loves it so much..the staff are awesome, they are totally dedicated to the happiness and safety of the children, every parents dream. Lesmurdie and surrounding areas are so lucky to have Pachamama, I know our family feel blessed.!
Michele Broe
I love my job! I absolutely love being with the kids - sitting with them, listening to them, watching them do the cutest things and most of all showing them love and letting them know how precious they are, and helping them learn and develop in every way. I love working with warm, collaborative, friendly and helpful staff which make you feel like a part of a family. I also love being among nature and playing with the kids outdoors. I love just about every part of my job, even the challenging times because they teach you more patience, understanding, strategies and experiences. The children are an absolute delight to be with, and I really enjoy nurturing them. It gives my life great purpose and happiness. I have worked at Pachamama consistently for nearly 6 years now and worked in every room and have seen so many of the children grow up through to kindy age, and it's so good to be a part of that and seeing them develop. I can't imagine working at any better place. I really feel so blessed and happy to be taking care of the children at Pachamama. Living in the local area, I see some of the children and their families while I'm out and about, and it's such a thrill when they wave to you so happily. I look forward to working with the children and their families, and my co-workers everyday at Pachamama. �����
Kim Bishop
Wow went to this phenomenal centre for there open evening. This place is so amazing and is above and beyond any other Childcare I have ever seen. ( and I have been in childcare for over 20 years)I was absolutely astounded by the exceptional facilities. This centre is really something special. It's so obvious that the staff and the owners go above and beyond to provide there families with the very best of educational experiences. As I walked around I chatted with a lot of the staff and they were so approachable and so nice, and I felt like they really are so proud of there centre And that they really love what they do. I also spoke to the owner of the centre, she was also so lovely and so knowledgable and I really felt she was so passionate about the centre and I could see she goes above and beyond the provide the families with an phenomenal service. If you are looking for childcare in the Lesmurdie area I would definitely consider Pachamumma. There isn't any other daycare in Perth that has what these guys offer. This would be by far the most exceptional daycare in Perth. �
Annette Marquis
I did a 3 hour round trip just to have the opportunity to visit this centre that I've heard so much about and it did not disappoint one bit. What an absolutely amazing place for young ones to explore. The possibilities are endless and the vision they have for the new extension is simply astonishing. The staff were all so friendly, I just wish I was young again and could attend there. Simply amazing!
Alison Bracebridge
We all know how important it is for children (and staff, too !) to be stimulated and challenged in a positive way in a loving environment... The management of Pachamama is truly committed to this mantra. I highly recommend you all to visit this community and see for yourselves - and feel the heart warming atmosphere of this amazing place.
Jane Friis Rasmussen
I’ve been working at Pachamama for over a year now and I love it!The educators are so friendly and are amazing at their jobs. The natural play spaces are so exciting and the children are just wonderful. I’m so privileged to be a part of the Pachamama team. I highly recommend Pachamama to any educators looking for employment and to any families looking for quality childcare. �
Melissa Calpakdjian
I have the pleasure to say I work at Pachamamas and to be part of the family .It is a brilliant environment for all children and staff. The children have the opportunity to explore and investigate the beautiful surroundings , surrounded by nature and to visit our family animals. The children get to experience great learning activities by our wonderful , professional and qualified educators . You have to see it to believe it! It is an amazing centre ! Please do not hesitate to contact Kerry or Rocky if you would like more information or to book a tour of the centre with your child/children. You can also meet our great educators too ! Hope to see you soon x"Every child needs to be loved and cared for every day".
Amy Farrell
Pachamama is a gorgeous environment that's perfect for young children to learn and enjoy a natural setting. The facilities look great from the road and even better up close. You can tell a lot of good thought and hard work has gone into developing this place.I don't have little ones myself, but if I did there is no doubt I would be sending them to Pachamama!
Cody Steele
Thank you for taking the time to write special stories about the kids' days and the special little things they do in My Family Lounge. I love reading these - I love hearing about the fun they are having and their little developmental steps; and I especially love they way they are written with genuine love and care by the carers. Very special! If it is possible to receive a copy of all stories and photos for each child each year I would happily pay for these memories.
Sally Birkhead
Truely Inspirational what a incredible environment for any child to learn and play in as a Home Day Care Educator this would truly be my biggest inspiration ever I try very hard to have a Natural Environment with animals to develop each childs abilities this is amazing
Joyanne Gowans Wells
I went to the Educator Open House on April 1st and it was phenomenal. All the Pachamama staff were so welcoming and answered any and all questions we had openly. I left feeling truly inspired and excited to be able to work in this industry!
Hannah Mullins
I visited an open house at Pachamama and all I can say is "WOW", the set up is awesome, the educators came across very caring and on board fully with the nature way, and the overall feel of the place is so welcoming, this would be an awesome place for children to play and for adults to work, love, love, love ���
Julie Wills
An amazing childcare centre that looks after your children like they are their own. Fantadtic facilities and resources too. My kids love feeding the chickens. Thanks to all here for the awesome work you do.x
Kellie M Pickford
Very sad to see Rika leaving, she has been such a fantastic educator! My boys have been going to Pachamamas since 2014 and I must say she's been the most personal, caring, lively, passionate character I've come across. Reeve & I will miss you dearly �
Maria Hoppen
Pachamama is such a wonderful place, all of the staff who have looked after my little boys have been so warm and caring, Harry has loved the activities Rika and the team have done with him and always talks about "school" it's truly like a home away from home � Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort you put in to making the kids settle in and enjoy their time there
Michelle O'Connor
There isn't any morning that I wake up and don't want to go into work. I absolutely love my new job in Pachamama. The staff are so friendly and it's simply a great place to work. As a high school teacher it's a little bit of a different environment for me but I was a nanny for 8 years and dearly just love working with children no matter what age they are. Thanks Pachamama xx
Bonjella Nic Giolla
It was such a pleasure to visit this centre today and the centre has the wow factor. The activities that the children were engaging in whilst I was there was overwhelming. A very calming beautiful place with lots of love. Great to meet beautiful people with a passion and so full of life looking after little people. Thank you so much for taking the time to show us around. My recommendation is for everyone to take the time to visit this wonderful place.
Raylene Hindle
The educators at Pachamama are experienced, caring and personable. It is clear that they enjoy working there! The management is very professional and responsive. The environment is incredible - second to none! This centre is wonderful and feels very happy.
Sam Jacobson
My son was absent from the Activity Centre for a day, so he didn’t attend for a block of two weeks and we were amazed at the work which had been carried out. There were two types of tree swings, a climbing frame, a metal tree, new building, rope ladder, thong instrument and an elephant! Now I hear there is also a new bus! I would like to thank and congratulate you on all your fantastic effort and ideas, our children really appreciate all you have done as do their parents. It’s a shame more centres don’t share your enthusiasm and care but very lucky for us. I can’t get my son to leave the centre when I come for him, which is a problem I see many other parents experience.I would also like to commend the work Lindi does, she goes above and beyond to assist the children. Their special Lego models are saved or photographed and she understands, listens to and appreciates every child that attends the centre. Lindi also has a wonderful way with the parents, she knows our names and has individual chats with us all. She has delivered my son’s water bottle to his classroom the next morning, after he has left it at Pachamama, washed and with fresh water (on several occasions). He once lost a precious picture at your centre and Lindi went back and found it and this was also delivered to his classroom the next morning. She delivers the children in the mornings and carries out all the roles their parents would do if they were there. She does their banking, changes their reading books and sits and waits and ensures they are happy in their classrooms before leaving. The most important thing my son really appreciates is that Lindi is always there! Thanks for all you do, our family really appreciates it.
Pove Pove
Pachamama is a professionally well run Early Education and Childcare Center and continues to grow and exceed parents expectations by providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for their children attending the center. Pachamama continually receives excellent ratings in all areas of quality and I have no hesitation in recommending Pachamma to anyone who is looking for an Early Education and Child Care Center that is professionally run, clean, safe, friendly. Children are the number one priority at Pachamama. If this is what you are looking for in an Early Education and Childcare Center I recommend you give Pachamama a call to arrange a time to check it out for yourself and meet to people who are behind the center. Like me I am sure you will be impressed. Well done Pachamama, keep up the great work. Terry Tyrrell
Terry Tyrrell
My son just started at Pachamamas vacation care and I was so impressed with the facilities such a fantastic idea it is is so homely and back to nature just what little minds need; the staff are very friendly and they really put the kids first - I will definitely recommend them to my friends
Tara Thill
Pachemama is the perfect environment! They are loving and caring - highly qualified with an absolutely amazing natural environment. They deserve the excellent rating in all 7 quality areas. Plus the management is involved in all details, large and small. Choosing Pachemama will be the right decision for you and your family!!
Susan Jacobson
I just started taking my little man here and I love it 🙂 I was so concerned sending him to daycare for the first time but found the staff lovely and it to be a beautiful center. He's always smiling when I pick him up 🙂
Lauren Kennedy
I am more than happy and appreciative for the support that Pachamama offered fully to my University education career and also for Supporting the Noonkotiak Eco Manyatta here in Amboseli by promoting the women business here who uses the income to cater for their daily needs and paying school fees for their children.This School in Western Australia has touched many people hearts here in Kenya and the Lord will bless you for your generosity.Well done!
David Lulunken

Pachamama – Making a real difference in children’s lives.

Vance’s Story… See how creating a natured based interactive environment helps build confidence in children’s lives.  

See video to find out more…

Pachamama Activity Centre – As seen on the Garden Gurus!

Research is showing that the first four to five years have the biggest impact in shaping your child’s life. Pachamama Activity Centre takes a growing up experience in nature to a whole new level, where children are given the opportunity to connect with nature.

See video to find out more…

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